IFA Football Academy


IFA Dribblers is a unique program for children aged between 18 months (walking age) and 4 years, designed by professional coaches and approved by Occupational Therapists. We have developed a children's football play and development program that offers a series of parent / child sessions devoted to the physical, emotional and social development of each child. Activities are designed to improve balance and coordination as well as whole body development through sensory stimulation while reinforcing good social skills in a group play and sports environment.

The Dribbler program is the perfect introduction to the fun world of sport. Children are introduced to the basics of football (dribbling, shooting etc.) in a play-oriented yet structured format, using child-friendly equipment and games. Children are encouraged to play in a group environment whilst providing a fantastic opportunity for parents to assist in your child's early development.

We build on the fundamental movement skills and football basics learnt in a fun yet structured program with the ultimate goal of  encouraging independent participation and graduation into the IFA Academy program.




The Academy program for children aged 4 - 14 years is divided into 2 phases; PROgress and TACTIC

IFA PROgress

The IFA PROgress program is specially designed for our younger Academy players (4- 10yrs) and focuses on high quality individual and small-group development in the following key areas:

Movement Development

Ball Mastery & Juggling

Players will learn to manipulate the ball with different parts of their feet to promote fast footwork while also improving their fitness and co-ordination 

Technical Development:


Players will learn to execute with speed moves to dominate opponents in 1 v 1 situations. Using; Changes of Direction, Stops & Starts, Fakes and Feints

Passing & Receiving


1v1 Scenarios

Small Group Play


The IFA TACTIC program is designed for the more serious player looking to progress to the next level.

The program provides age and stage appropriate challenges to players looking for more than just a 'soccer school' session. 

UEFA qualified coaches focus on the following key areas of player development:

Technique - introduction of advanced techniques

Awareness - development of game awareness to improve decision making skills

Conditioning - develop football-specific conditioning to prepare players for the demands of there game

Tactics - introduction of tactical principles, formations and positional play

Intelligence - improve game effectiveness via attacking / defending principles and strategies

Competition - challenging players in competitive, pressurised, game related environments (1v1, 3v3, 4v4), matchplay and analysis.

IFA TACTIC offers our maturing players a positive learning environment where quality development comes first to allow potential to be realised.




The Premier program is an invitation only program (U8's to U14's) which has been specially designed with the intention of preparing our most advanced players for football at the highest level. The syllabus is based on that seen in professional club academies to enable our players realise their full potential. 

Emphasis is placed on the long term development of our players, focussing not only on the technical and tactical components but also the physical and mental elements of the game. All our Premier players participate in age appropriate games programs in organised leagues and tournaments both locally and internationally. This is key to supporting the Premier training program and provides the platform for our players to put their practice into action.

Players participate in twice weekly training sessions - entry invitations are offered through our Academy and Camps programs




A professional academy program with highly qualified (UEFA 'A' and 'B' Licence) and experienced (English Premier and Football League) coaches and support staff.

Our coaches deliver innovative coaching sessions to develop technical and tactical proficiency, as well as specific conditioning and awareness, to improves a players' ability to perform effectively. Session demands change according to players' age and their respective needs.

This is an intense, invitation-only, season-long training program with a focus on players aged 14-19 yrs; split into age-appropriate squads, select players participate in 2-3 weekly sessions plus appropriate competitive and friendly fixtures. Players are regularly exposed to professional club academy environments, both locally and internationally as well as providing the  platform for players to make the difficult transition from junior football to senior football