Senior VP - Venues, DWTC Part of Dubai Sports World’s modus operandi is to encourage people of all ages and abilities to stay active and healthy over the summer and IFA Sports has consistently demonstrated unwavering support for our community. As one of the UAE’s leading academy providers, IFA Sport is embedded at all levels of national grassroots sports programmes and we look forward to welcoming back the academy’s diverse line-up of training products and international-standard coaches to this year’s venue

Ahmed AlkhajaSenior VP


Both of our sons Paul and Meryn (5 and 7 years) attends DBS and Green Community West. They have played football at IFA for several years. They enjoy it thoroughly! They not only learn how to play football but also how to play together as a team. All the football coaches are experienced and always make sure each individual is enjoying the sessions. The boys always look forward to the next training session where they can show their new skills and techniques. For us IFA football academy is a great experience!

Barbara NoothovenMother


I attend sessions at EIS meadows (Friday) and premier squad. I really enjoy IFA. I have lots of fun at the sessions but also have learnt a lot and I have got better since I joined. I play with my friends from school but also have made lots of new friends at IFA. I have learnt how to shoot properly and now I score a lot more goals. The coaches are friendly and funny, I love going to IFA!

Liam McLeanAcademy Player


Our son Joseph attends the Dribblers session at Emirates International School. The coaching staff are wonderful with the children and having parent participation makes the sessions that more enjoyable. The children have fun too! I would recommend IFA to anyone who wants their children to learn grow and develop in a safe and fun environment.

Melanie Shellien RayMother